The Heroine, facing enemies with the help of The Crow. Note that, although The Crow joins at the end of the Prolouge, the player has no non-default Skills.

Combat is The Heroine's way of keeping sane. Combat, although violent, is entirely metaphorical and are most of the time, hallucinations or dreams. However, in few occasions, they can be real, and failure results in a game over.==


Most enemies in combat are The Shadows, The Nameless, or apparitions that annoy and horrify The Heroine. On a few occasions, the enemies are real and The Heroine is in real physical danger.

Most enemies are x Shadow, y the z, y the Nameless, or simply x. They usually have a theme with The Episode. For example, Those Who Have no Name, most are Nameless, in Avalanche (prolougue) most of the enemies are Shadows, relating to the village and The Heroine's strong emotional ties to the people there, and in Amethyst River, some are even puns on water.

Combat, and how to do itEdit

Combat takes place over turns. Every time the turn comes back to The Heroine, that is a round, and the turn counter at the top increases. Some battles require the Turn Conter to reach a certain number, and basicaly means an endurance test: See how long you can withstand the shadows' attack.

The Heroine starts with 3 Move Points. Move Points allow her, self-explanatoraly, move tiles. Her Move Points can be increased, either through talking with an Imaginary Friend, or by using the skill Flight. The Heroine also has Psyche Points, and are needed to use Skills. As The Heroine or The Enemies use PsP (psyche points) and MP (move points), Enemies will damage The Heroine. The Heroine is mostly incapable of damaging enemies through normal means, and thus, most battles are conducted through stealth, or more prominently, escaping to certain tiles, and most annoyingly, surviving for x amount of turns, defend x for y turns from z, or, in extremely rare conditions, actually defeat enemies.


Companions, due to the hallucinations of The Heroine, do not take part in combat. Rather, based on whether or no The Heroine is friends with them, in love with them, or certain story checks are passed, they give bonuses, and special abilities. For example, being nice to The Crow will give you a +5 EP regeneration rate.


Allies are different from Companions. Allies actively compete in battle and thus, are metaphorical. Allies are either gained through the conditions of a certain battle, or in the case of The Imaginary Friend, summoned by The Heroine. Allies have Energy, and in the case of The Imaginary Friend, will grow stronger as The Heroine progresses through the episodes. If an Ally dies, they are gone permanently, and for The Imaginary Friend, they will remain unsummonable for the rest of the battle.

Allies only in special cases have offensive abilities, and are not summonable normally.