The Crow's enlarged portrait, and his appearance on the title screen. He is featured prominently, and is the game's mascot.

The Crow is the first Companion hired in the game, and is encountered at the end of Avalanche.


The Crow is a companion that is encountered by The Heroine at the end of Avalanche. If she shoos him away, he won't leave. He stays perched upon her shoulder. He is described as very lazy, yet also friendly. But his most charming trait is his sheer bravery, as a normal crow wouldn't even consider sitting on a human who is doesn't know's shoulder. Strangely, The Crow can develop romantic attractions to The Heroine, inspite not only being a crow, but sometiems implying that it doesn't like The Heroine, and hides his like for her.


The Crow mainly helps with Energy regeneration, and provides comfort for The Heroine. Because of the dream-like state The Heroine is in during combat, The Crow is not present on her shoulder.

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