Ex-Nihilo is a Skill branch, focusing on companionship. Strangely, although the "ultimate companion", the Imaginary Friend is not involved in Ex-Nihilo. Ven specialises in Ex-Nihilo, along with Acceptance. All Creations require EP to use.

Absenses, Fairy Tales, and moreEdit

In a way, Ex-Nihilo can be considered The Heroine facing her guilt, and making imaginary Creations, the mental fragments of her mind, to surround herself with, and fend of her more painful aspects.

Absenses are durable Creations, that use Void Dance to lower the PP of enemies.

Fairy Tale does nothing, and is very weak, but attracts enemy aggro.

There are also many more. And although technically not a Creation, the Imaginary Friend behaves very like one.


Ex-Nihilo can be very useful or pointless depending on the situation. When you must remain stationary, or in the few cases when enemies must be eliminated, Creations can prove useful, draining away at nearby foes' stats as you simaltaneusly lower their abilities and push them away.