An example of one of The Heroine's portraits. This one looks like it has a lotus in her hair, and she wears Casual Clothes.

The Heroine is the main character of the game, who the player controls and assumes the identity of. She is a woman who is 24, and is suffering from the death of her father.


The Heroine has no name, occupation or personality. The player moulds her personality after themselves, or moulds The Heroine out to be a character of their choosing.


The Heroine can take one of three Trades:

Huntress. The Huntress is a man or woman who uses a gun to hunt wild animals, deer, bear, rabbit, moose, ect, for a food source. They have a boosted Intuition, due to their training and natural ability to detect danger and life. Not many women take this trade up.

Weaver. The Weaver is the most common trade among women, rarely ever taken up by men. The Weaver makes clothes, rugs, curtains, baskets, nets and various other wool or branch weavings for use in daily life. Due to its domestic nature and the subsequent oppresion of women, it is most common among women. Weavers, due to much time spent over the spinning wheel, get increased Will Power, therefore increasing their Max Energy.

Volva. The trade of the Volva can only ever be taken up by women. A Volva was a real-life proffesion in Scandenavian countries around the time of the Industrial Revolution. A Volva was a seeress and storyteller, sometimes poet and general entertainer. Volvas, because of their mysticism, intelligence and many stories, have an increased Memory.

The Heroine can also take one of three clothes style: Hunting Gear, Casual Clothes, and a long frock-like winter jacket. They come in three different colours. The player can also choose a different portrait for The Heroine, even if it does not reflect her graphic. Even if the portrait has a gun, or if the player is a Huntress, the gun is never seen in game otherwise of used. This is strange, as it is assumed that The Heroine, if a Huntress, would always carry a rifle for self-protection.


The Heroine ran away from her village, only to be later drawn back by her father's death. She begins suffering delusions, even imagining her mother. She is eventually driven away from the village to bring her father's ashes to the Sapphire River, where he came from, to honour him, and also make her harmful hallucinations go away.

After leaving the village, The Heroine meets a crow - sometimes nicknamed Corbeua, French for "crow", and from there on, The Heroine's fate is dependant on the player, but also the bond she has with any companions.