Ven is a Companion, first available at the end of Episode 2. He is also known as The Traveller. He can be recruited permanently, or his company can be discarded at the end of Episode 3, with sad farewells.


Ven is a traveller, bard and hunter, meaning he is self-sufficient and talented. He left his parents' care at a young age, making them sad, and met The Heroine at about 30, "perhaps even more". As such, his exact age is unknown. The Crow is also very attached to Ven, which can either make The Heroine happy to get a broke from it or jealous.


Ven has a good sense of humour, his solitude considering, and is The Heroine also has a high Humour, the two will get along well. However, he dislikes romantic teasings and sexual jokes, particuarly from The Heroine, as he thinks men are capable of many things, most of which are awful things.

He has a strong sense of justice, and if The Heroine tells Teemu that Volva Kareer was confused about her sexuality and about the abominational acts she commited, and that the current Volva, Essi, is the daughter of an executed criminal, Ven will be disgusted at The Heroine, calling it "pseudo-morality", and if the player states she did it for fun, he will outright leave at the end of Episode 3 unless apologised to and impressed.


Ven specialises in Ex-Nihilo and Acceptance, and offers bonuses to such Skills. His passive bonuses increase The Heroine's Persicacity, among other things, and provides bonuses to Creating and PP regeneration.

Because of this, he can be seen as The Heroine's catalyst to accepting her own person, her own assertion into the world, and her general perception of the world. Because of this, a player planning to create a Heroine like this is recommended to keep Ven's Approbation rate high, but his Romance low.